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  • Yangmingshan, Northeast Coast, National Palace Museum, Jiufen, Yehliu, Shifen, Pingx
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得獎肯定 《Golden Years Tours》Sky Lanterns, Graceful Queen, Golden Radiance Shining, Two Days around the Northern Coast.

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Golden Years Tours
Embark on the 2-day "Sky Lantern Blessing - Queen's Golden Shimmering Northern Coast" itinerary, certified by the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, under the "Accessible Tourism" standard. Utilize a "Luxury High-Top Nine-seater Van with Wheelchair Lift" as the main transportation, with a focus on "various accessible and medical facilities." Explore numerous rich attractions along the northern coast, connecting two days of the itinerary with Taipei's distinctive night markets. Visit iconic spots such as the National Palace Museum, Yehliu, Pingxi, Ximending, Jiufen, Houtong, and Shen'ao, allowing you to fully experience national treasures, the Queen's Head, sky lanterns, night markets, old streets, mining culture, and the charm of railways.
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Group of 6, Exquisite Small Group.
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Day 1.

National Treasure Cultural Journey:
National Palace Museum、Queen's head、The Houtong Coal Mine、Shifen Sky Lanterns、one night at Ximen

  • Depart from East Gate 3 at Taipei Main Station
  • - National Palace Museum
  • - Yehliu Geopark(Queen's head)
  • - Yehliu Seafood Feast
  • -The Houtong Coal Mine Museum
  • - Shifen Old Street
  • - Sky Lanterns Release
  • - Hotel check-in in Ximending District
  • - evening exploration in Ximending.
    • breakfast
    • LunchYehliu Seafood Feast
    •    DinnerChinese Restaurant or buffet
    • Midtown-CitySuites or Just Sleep Hotel Ximending or Taisugar Hotel Taipei
The National Palace Museum(Taipei)
The National Palace Museum in Taipei primarily houses collections from the Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties, with a focus on items from the Qing imperial court. During the Chinese Civil War, in 1948, the collections were transported to Taichung in three phases and later moved to Taipei. The present-day museum, located in Waishuangxi, Taipei, was inaugurated in 1965 and has since become a significant museum in East Asia. In addition to exhibitions, the museum is actively involved in the restoration and preservation of historical artifacts. Initially, for ease of relocation, the emphasis was on various types of cultural artifacts such as calligraphy, famous paintings, textiles, ceramics, as well as jade, curios, books, and documents. These items form the backbone of the current Taipei Palace Museum exhibitions, with notable pieces including the Qingming Riverside Scene, Jadeite Cabbage, and Meat-shaped Stone.
Yehliu Geological Park (Queen's Head)
Yehliu Geological Park (Queen's Head) is a promontory that extends into the sea from the residual range of Datun Mountain. When viewed from Jinshan, it resembles a giant turtle submerged in the sea, hence the name 'Yehliu Turtle.' The unique landscape is shaped by various geological processes, including wave erosion, rock weathering, and tectonic movements, resulting in peculiar formations such as sea-eroded caves, candle-shaped rocks, mushroom rocks, tofu rocks, honeycomb rocks, potholes, and dissolution basins. Internationally renowned coastal wonders include the Queen's Head, Fairy Shoe, and Candlestick Rock. The pathways from the park entrance to the nearby seashore are flat, but caution is needed in rocky areas where there are no trails due to the terrain. Resting benches are provided throughout the park for visitors to take a break.
The Houtong Coal Mine Museum
The Houtong Coal Mine Museum is centered around the Ruifang San Mining Company's coal washing plant, surrounding architectural complexes, and historical structures. It is dedicated to the preservation, education, and promotion of the local coal mining industry's cultural heritage, along with related information. The Ruifang San Mining Company ceased operations in 1990, prompting local residents and the government to seek the preservation of Houtong's mining culture. In 2006, restoration efforts commenced using a 'local preservation' approach, where new constructions enveloped the old buildings to create a museum-style visitor experience. This innovative method aims to preserve invaluable cultural assets. In 2010, the site was officially named the 'Houtong Coal Mine Museum,' becoming a well-known coal mining ecological museum in Taiwan.
sky lanterns at Pingxi
Most people associate sky lanterns with Pingxi, but the birthplace of sky lanterns is actually Shifen. Going back in the history of Pingxi's mining industry, Shifen, located in the Pingxi area, can be considered one of the earliest and largest developed settlements. Its main feature lies in the coexistence of its old street with the railroad tracks, showcasing a unique railway landscape where trains pass right in front of the shops. Although coal mining has ceased, the eateries and sky lantern craft shops on the old street remain vibrant. Due to the special local name, businesses have cleverly introduced 'Shifen Happiness' postcards. Continuous infusion of new ideas has brought creative products like Hakka floral cloth clothing, image postcards, and more, maintaining the lively atmosphere of the Shifen Old Street business district.
Day 2.

Humanity and Nature Expedition
Jiufen Old Street、BuYanTing、Gold Museum、Golden Waterfall、Shen′ao Rail Bike

  • Ximending Hotel
  • - BuYanTing
  • - Jiufen Old Street / Lunch
  • - Gold Museum
  • - Benshan Fifth Tunnel
  • - Golden Waterfall
  • - YinYang Sea
  • - Shuinandong Smelter Remains
  • - Shen′ao Rail Bike
  • - Tour dismissed at East Gate 3 of Taipei Main Station.
    • breakfasthotel
    • LunchJiufen Old Street
    • Dinner
    • home
During the Japanese colonial era, Jiufen reached its peak in gold production, creating a splendid and prosperous scene known as the 'Asian Gold Capital.' When viewed from the sea during that time, Jiufen's settlement was brilliantly lit, earning it the nicknames 'Little Shanghai' and 'Little Hong Kong.' After the restoration of Taiwan, the gold mining industry eventually declined due to the lack of economic value and poor management, marking the end of the gold mining era. Following the sensational impact of the film 'City of Sadness' at the Venice Film Festival, this once-declining town, with decades of history, captured people's attention and nostalgia.
Gold Museum/Golden Waterfall
The Gold Museum is a vast historical exhibition park dedicated to gold mining. In addition to informative attractions such as the Gold Hall, Alchemy Building, and Metal Craft Museum, the site offers experiential activities like a real mining tunnel visit and gold panning experiences. One should not miss the preserved buildings and shrines from the Japanese colonial period within the park. The 'Golden Waterfall' is located alongside the road leading to Shuinandong. Water flows from underground and, upon reaching the mining area, interacts with pyrite and arsenopyrite, giving the waterfall a golden-orange hue due to the acidic mineral water. From a distance, it appears like a gigantic golden rock wall, creating a spectacle known as the 'Golden Waterfall.'
The Shuinandong Smelter Site
The Shuinandong Smelter Site, colloquially known as the 'Thirteen Levels,' is situated on the northern mountains of the Jinguashi area in Ruifang. Constructed by the Japanese during the discovery and extraction of copper ore, it served as a refining facility for ore selection. Taking into consideration the mining activities and ore vein distribution, the smelter was built along the mountainside, bearing witness to the industrial history of copper mining in Jinguashi. After the decline of the mining industry and the cessation of operations, it was registered as a historical building in 2007. Noteworthy for its unique appearance and picturesque surroundings, the site has been chosen as a filming location for several music videos, including the famous MV for the song 'Yong Xin Liang Ku' (用心良苦) by the singer Zhang Yu. Currently managed by Taiwan Power Company, it has also been recognized as a historical building in New Taipei City and a potential site for inclusion in the World Cultural Heritage.
Benshan Fifth Tunnel
The Fifth Pit of Benshan, with an elevation of approximately 295 meters, is one of the nine pits in the Benshan Mine. It is also one of the well-preserved tunnels in the Benshan Mine. In 1972, gold mining ceased in the Jinguashi area, leading to the gradual closure and abandonment of the pits. The mining equipment used in the Fifth Pit, such as the air compressor, mining locomotive, washroom, ore transport cableway, and other necessary facilities, were left abandoned in place. In 2004, it was planned to be transformed into a themed experiential facility within the New Taipei City Gold Museum. The tunnel has a length of approximately 180 meters and features sound and light effects, models, mining carts, and ore displays, creating a scenario for visitors to experience the working conditions of miners in the dark tunnels.
The Shen'ao Railway
The Shen'ao Railway was originally a coal transportation line, serving as a narrow-gauge (762mm) light railway during the Japanese colonial period, commonly known as the 'Five Fen Child Car.' Primarily used for transporting sugar, salt, and coal to the port for shipping, it was once a scenic branch line that rivaled and even surpassed the Pingxi Line. However, it ceased operations in 1989 and underwent a transformation in 2014 into Taiwan's unique coastal railway bike path. Stretching 1.3 kilometers, it connects Badouzi Station to Shen'ao Station, with a one-way biking time of approximately 20 minutes. Along the route, riders can enjoy scenic views of mountains and sea. Passing through residential areas, cyclists can also capture photos of painted houses that blend with local characteristics.




  • Transportation and toll fees for the tour bus
  • Lunch on the day of the itinerary
  • Activities as listed in the itinerary
  • Travel insurance (including 4 million accident insurance), 400,000 medical insurance (including travel liability insurance and travel safety insurance)
  • Tips for tour guides and drivers, 100 NT dollars per person per day.
  • Any expenses not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Personal expenses, such as drinks, and personal shopping.
  • Single room supplement (additional NTD$1800-2800 per room per night).
  • All expenses incurred due to group member's personal negligence (such as forgetting the meeting time, losing contact with the mobile phone, etc.) causing the group's itinerary to be delayed.
Other Notices

COVID-19 Travel Guidelines: To enhance travel safety, we measure the body temperature of service personnel before duty, provide alcohol for hand disinfection, and advise all individuals to maintain social distancing. Mandatory mask-wearing is enforced in indoor spaces and public transportation. Individuals with temperatures exceeding 37.5°C are not allowed to participate in the tour, and our service personnel (tour guides) have the right to refuse boarding and participation. We appreciate your cooperation.

  • Please take care of your personal valuables.
  • Maintain order when entering and exiting scenic areas and pay attention to the safety of yourself and children.
  • Online reservations are subject to confirmation by customer service. After confirmation, it is considered effective, equivalent to the signing of the standardized domestic travel contract. Please read the contract for details.
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellations by travelers will be subject to cancellation fees in accordance with the provisions of the "Standardized Domestic Group Travel Contract (Amended on December 12, 2016, Ref. No. 1050922838)" Article 12 (Termination of the contract by the traveler before departure).
  • In case of natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, heavy rains, etc., the company reserves the right to postpone or refund the full amount.
  • The schedule and duration of stay for attractions listed in the itinerary are for reference only and are subject to adjustments by the on-site guide (tour leader) based on actual conditions (such as local festivals, traffic jams, or weather conditions).
  • Two days before the departure of the itinerary, relevant travel precautions will be notified by EMAIL or SMS.
  • This itinerary operates on a joint-car basis. The type and model of the vehicle used will be adjusted according to the number of participants on the day. Please gather at the designated location and time as specified to maintain the rights and interests of other participants. On the day of departure, please bring the mobile phone registered during online registration and keep it on to ensure contact with the service personnel (tour guides).
  • During the epidemic, if not necessary, please wear a mask throughout the journey to protect your health. Thank you for your cooperation. If the temperature exceeds 37.5°C, passengers are not allowed to board and participate in the tour. [Service personnel (tour guides) have the right to refuse passengers from boarding and participating in the tour]. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Group travel may not provide a variety of vegetarian options. Vegetarian passengers should inform customer service when registering for the tour for advance arrangement of vegetarian meals.
  • The arrangement of seats on the tour bus is based on the order of check-in by passengers at the starting point on the day. For passengers who do not board at the starting point, seats will be arranged according to the order of boarding from each location. It is not possible to reserve seats in advance. For the elderly, weak, and inconvenient passengers, the tour leader will make arrangements in advance. Thank you for your understanding.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the above issues, please confirm with the customer service personnel who you registered with to obtain the most accurate answers and also to protect your personal rights and interests.
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